The 1st free POS focused on food delivery

Summa is the 1st cloud based Point of sale system which allows for delivery optimization besides being an order management touchscreen or PDA. The total solution for delivery order management & aggregation from all the major platforms (UBEReats, Deliveroo, Wolt).


Why join?

100% Delivery Ops optimization

Real time tracking of drivers

Live monitoring of  the order status

Automated assignment

Automated order routing based on driver availability & prediction modelling


Driver’s mobile app for simplified & faster response from delivery staff


Better cost control, minimised delivery time, increased efficiency all lead to higher profit margins

All in one!

Live tracking & monitoring of your store’s operations, performance & revenue!

The Summa driver’s app guarantee’s that all activities from order status to cash management are being precisely reported to the cloud platform so that the staff or management can have a live view on the web dashboard.

Plug & play

Fast & easy API integration with all major food delivery platforms

All of your delivery orders sources brought into a single feed, ready to be routed to your delivery team.

web app in cloud

Responsive web app accessible from any device

User role management

Setup your delivery or service team. Create administrator users to supervise your store’s performance

Send SMS messages

To your customers for live order updates

Time tracking

Log your staff’s working hours automatically based on their actual activity (coming soon)

Automated routing

Remote manager

The best solution for remote operation management. Let the algorithms perfect the routing process & let your managers focus on other potential points of failure that still require human supervision to be avoided.


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Enjoy easiness & comfort in managing delivery!



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